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Daniel Alan Maman (born October 25, 1977), professionally known as The Alchemist (or simply Alchemist), is an American record producer, disc jockey (DJ) and rapper from Beverly Hills, California. He began his music career in 1991 in the hip hop duo The Whooliganz under the moniker Mudfoot, along with now-actor Scott Caan (whose moniker was "Mad Skillz"). After rising to prominence in the late 1990s, as a close associate of Dilated Peoples and Mobb Deep, he went on to produce for many of hip hop's leading artists in the 2000s, and has been hailed as one of the genre's leading producers. He is currently working as a DJ with Action Bronson. He produces for many artists, most of his recent production is for a close group of frequent collaborative rappers. He focuses on producing entire albums for rappers and Instrumental projects of his own.  Together with his long time collaborator Oh No (that together they form the group Gangrene), Woody Jackson and Tangerine Dream, he composed the official score to the highly acclaimed game GTA V.

Alchemist is Eminem's official DJ, since DJ Green Lantern departed from Shady Records in 2005 because of a dispute related to the feud of 50 Cent and Jadakiss. In 2006, Eminem released a collaboration album with Shady Records called Eminem Presents: The Re-Up. Since the Alchemist is his official DJ, he produced some of tracks on the mixtape, as well as compiling the album in a mixtape fashion. On December 18, 2013, he was named the runner-up for producer of the year by HipHopDX.


Studio albums

1st Infantry (2004)
Chemical Warfare (2009)
Russian Roulette (2012)

Extended plays and Other Media

The Alchemist's Cookbook (2008)
Yacht Rock (2012)
SSUR (2013)
Diagnosis (2013)
Nothing to See/Hear (with Evidence) (2014)
British Knights – Which Way's The Beach (with Samiyam) (2014)
Craft Singles (2016)


The Cutting Room Floor (2003)
Insomnia (2003)
No Days Off (2006)
The Chemistry Files (2006)
The Cutting Room Floor 2 (2008)
The Cutting Room Floor 3 (2013)


Gangster Theme Music (2000)
Action/Drama (2001)
The Ultimate Music Machine (2002)
Lab Tested, Street Approved (2004)
1st Infantry: The Instrumentals (2005)
Rapper's Best Friend (2007)
Greneberg Instrumentals (2011)
Covert Coup Instrumentals (2012)
Rapper's Best Friend 2 (2012)
Lord Steppington Instrumental Version (2014)
Rapper's Best Friend 3 (2014)
Israeli Salad (2015)
Retarded Alligator Beats (2015)
The Silent Partner Instrumentals (2016)


Return of the Mac (2007) (with Prodigy)
The Antidote (2009) (with Fashawn)
Sawblade EP (2010) (with Oh No as Gangrene)
Gutter Water (2010) (with Oh No as Gangrene)
Covert Coup (2011) (with Curren$y)
Greneberg (2011) (with Oh No as Gangrene and Roc Marciano)
How Does It Feel EP (2011) (with ChrisCo)
Vodka & Ayahuasca (2012) (with Oh No as Gangrene)
Odditorium EP (2012) (with Oh No as Gangrene)
No Idols (2012) (with Domo Genesis)
Rare Chandeliers (2012) (with Action Bronson)
360 Waves (2013) (with Durag Dynasty)
Albert Einstein (2013) (with Prodigy)
Masterpiece Theatre EP (2013) (with Willie the Kid)
The Music of Grand Theft Auto V: The Score (2013) (with Tangerine Dream and Woody Jackson and Oh No)
My 1st Chemistry Set (2013) (with Boldy James)
Lord Steppington (2014) (with Evidence as Step Brothers)
The Good Book (2014) (with Budgie)[47]
FASH-ionably Late (2014) (with Fashawn)
Welcome to Los Santos (2015) (with Oh No)
You Disgust Me (2015) (with Oh No as Gangrene)
The Carrollton Heist (2016) (with Curren$y)
Rap & Glorie (2016) (with Kempi)
The Silent Partner (2016) (with Havoc)
The Carrollton Heist Remixed (2016) (with Curren$y)